Countdown Until the Next Fall Celebration!








It had come to our attention that there were many parents within our community who do not send their children “trick or treating” for various reasons…For example, some parents do not like the scary element of Halloween as their children get very scared of some the costumes/displays etc. Additionally, some parents do not want their kids walking around outside in the cold, and finally, there are also families who do not take part in Halloween festivities for religious reasons.

In 2016, we asked families in our community if they would be interested in a kids event where:

  1. Entry “cost” would be 1 bag of PEANUT FREE Candy, which will be shared with other children. (MANDATORY)
  2. Children come dressed up (NO SCARY COSTUMES).
  3. Children must be 12 years old and UNDER.
  4. Children bring a bag (labeled with their name) to collect treats.
  5. Children watch a movie.
  6. Parents must stay for the duration of the event (6-8pm, October 31st).
  7. Candy collected will be divided and shared out to the children who attend.

And the idea was well-received.

Our desire was to try something different, and not market this event as a Halloween event, although it takes place on October 31st, as there are already a lot of Halloween events that take place in this city.  Our goal was for this event to be a more universal/neutral event, and to be considerate of the individuals who do not celebrate Halloween. Alternatively, we wanted like to portray this event as a “FALL Celebration”: things drastically change when fall arrives (leaves change color, the temperature changes etc.), so the children dressing up and changing their appearance would symbolize this change…

The first Kids Fall Celebration took place at Beurling Academy (Montreal, Canada), on Monday October 31, 2016! And it was a success! And the second Fall Celebration (October 31, 2017) was an even bigger success!

Prior to the event, we collect the following donations:

  1. Juice boxes
  2. Bottled water
  3. Individually wrapped PEANUT-FREE treats (i.e. chocolate, candy, chips etc.)

The community really comes together to make sure that these kids have a great time!

If you would like to volunteer or make donations for the 2018 Fall Celebration (i.e. juice boxes, bottled water, Individually wrapped PEANUT-FREE treats, children’s costumes), please contact us!