The Lasalle High Hinkson Legacy Bursary (The LHHL Bursary) is a $250 bursary that is awarded* to a Beurling Academy student (at their graduation ceremony) with the following criteria:

  • Beurling Academy secondary V student

  • Will attend CEGEP in the fall

  • Comes from a single-parent home

  • Exhibits tenacity

  • Cares for others (selfless)

  • Values community involvement

  • Continuously works hard at their academic studies

*The recipient of this award is selected by Beurling Academy‘s administration and staff.

This bursary is awarded to a Beurling Academy student because this school holds a very special place in the hearts of the founding members of The Strong Hinkson Organization. The Strong Hinkson Organization feels as though the Hinkson legacy lives on through Beurling Academy, and here’s why… Kifana Hinkson, a member of the board of directors, graduated from Lasalle Protestant High School (class of 1993). Sabi Hinkson, president of The Strong Hinkson Organization, graduated from Riverside Park Academy (class of 2001). Kiara Hinkson-Belone, the eldest daughter of Sabi Hinkson, graduated from Beurling Academy (class of 2017)… In 1994 Lasalle Protestant High School became Riverside Park Academy. Eventually, Riverside Park Academy closed down, which resulted in the students, some of the teachers and staff, moving into another building in Verdun, in order to  merge with another school to form Beurling Academy. With this being said, Beurling Academy is a historical tapestry that houses many fond high school memories for Kifana, Sabi and Kiara…