Our Mission

The Strong Hinkson Organization (The SHO) strongly believes that along with academic knowledge, pursuing an education helps individuals develop vital attributes such as strength, confidence and discipline; therefore, one has a lot to gain from a good education. Additionally, because a good education is such an asset, The SHO believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to obtain a good education. However, The SHO is aware that obstacles, such as a poor financial situation and familial responsibilities, often prohibit individuals from furthering their academic studies, and this is very unfortunate. With that being said, the mission of The SHO is to support low-income, single-parents who are pursuing post-secondary school studies (living in Quebec, Canada), here-on referred to as single-parent-scholars, by providing the necessary means (finances, school supplies, resources etc.) to be a single-parent-scholar.


Our Vision

A child’s parents are his or her first role models, with this being said, if more parents are pursuing higher education, this in turn will encourage and motivate more children to do the same. However, when individuals have difficulties obtaining the means necessary to comfortably attend school (i.e. school supplies, money, etc.) they become discouraged, distracted and disconnected from school, which often results in “dropping out”. Although most of our projects are currently only available to individuals living in Quebec, Canada, our vision is to decrease the number of individuals in North America who drop out of school due to financial difficulties.


Our Values

Commitment, discipline, confidence, unity, faith, perseverance, empathy, equality, social integration, mental development, social development, altruism and dynamism.