The Board of Directors of The SHO (May 1987)

May 1987…This is when the President of The SHO fell in love with education… Gloria Strong-Hinkson graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor’s in Commerce…Her daughters (Kifana and Sabi) and her husband (Cecil Hinkson) were all there to witness this joyous occasion and they were all so proud of her… Little did Gloria know that this day would set the tone for the future of her daughters…

Sabi Kamilah Hinkson


Sabi Kamilah Hinkson is the founder and president of The Strong Hinkson Organization.

Sabi holds degrees in Biochemistry and Theology, and is trying to complete her MA in Theology. Sabi is currently a Math and Science teacher…

Sabi remembers attending her mother’s 1987 university graduation, and how proud she was to see her mother walk across the stage… She told herself that one day, she too would walk across the stage with pride. Although she had her first child while she was in her last year of high school, she knew that dropping out of school was NOT an option because her mother had numerous university degrees and her sister had recently graduated from university as well: Sabi’s mother and sister set the bar pretty high, and she wasn’t about to fall short of it. Furthermore, as mentioned before, it has always been her dream to walk across the stage after completing a university degree.

Sabi sees education as a powerful tool which allows you to develop strength, confidence and discipline…

Gloria Strong-Hinkson

Vice-President and Treasurer

Gloria Strong-Hinkson is the Vice-President and treasurer of The Strong Hinkson Organization

Gloria holds degrees in Commerce and Education, and she teaches various business-related courses at a business school in Montreal, Canada.

When Gloria was asked why she decided to study accounting, she answered “My mother…” Her mother loved accounting as well, and started to pursue studies in accounting, however, she got pregnant and was unable to continue her studies. Gloria said that the exposure that she got to accounting, from her mother, made her fall in love with it. Additionally, Gloria felt like she owed it to her mother to study accounting, since her mother’s familial responsibilities stood in the way of her pursuing her dream of becoming an accountant. When Gloria first started studying accounting, she used the very same books that her mother had purchased for herself.

Kifana Hinkson-Holder

Director and Secretary

Kifana Hinkson-Holder is Director and Secretary of The Strong Hinkson Organization

Kifana holds degrees in Psychology and Education…Kifana resides in New York City where she works full-time in a corporate building in the heart of Manhattan, however, whenever she is not in the corporate world, she pursues her fashionista/makeup artist passion.

When Kifana completed high school, she was unsure about what she wanted to study…At this time, Kifana wanted to take time off of school to figure out what she wanted to do, but her parents told her that this was not an option… Kifana went straight to college, then university, and today, she is glad that she had the discipline to complete a university degree.

Cecil Hinkson


Cecil Lloyd Hinkson is a Director of The Strong Hinkson Organization

Cecil attended the School of the Hard Knocks…When Cecil was asked why he never went far with his education, he remembers that his disdain for school went back to the days when he was in high school back in his country of birth, Trinidad… He remembers having a teacher who constantly picked on him and beat him when he answered things incorrectly, and this made him develop a fear of school; he dropped out of school that year

Cecil is currently retired…Although he did not go far with his education, he realized that education opens many doors, and he encouraged and pushed his daughters to get a good education. He often told himself “If there’s one thing that I’m going to do before I die, I’m going to make sure that my children get a good education…” He is the father of Sabi K. Hinkson (President) and Kifana Hinkson-Holder (Director and Secretary).