In December 2017, the founder of The OFC reached out The SHO to tell us about a single-parent-scholar who was having trouble feeding herself and her child. The Montreal community came together and this is what we were able to contribute to her:

The single-parent-scholar was so grateful for everything that she received, and it brought so much joy to her heart… To witness these acts of kindness from the community was a blessing to all…

The SHO will be “adopting” a single-parent-scholar for the holidays annually… To be considered, single-parent-scholars must be:

  • single
  • enrolled in full-time studies
  • “nominated” by a non-family member
  • in financial distress

The nomination period will always begin the last week of November…

Thank you so much to all of the individuals who contributed towards The SHO’s 2017 “Adopt” a Single-Parent-Scholar for the Holidays Program!